Automotive Fixed Operations
Improvement with Results

Customized Service Advisor Training

Our Service Advisor training teaches your advisors how to make each guest feel at home and like they are a part of a family.

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Fixed Operations Performance Analysis

Our fixed operations performance analysis will allow you to see areas of opportunity, and we outline a plan that will maximize that opportunity.

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Criss ConsultingLeading you and your team in the right direction.


automotive-service-advisor-trainingWe are results-focused, creating customized programs for Your Dealership.  We are flexible to your culture, your timelines, and budget, providing you with a thorough improvement program that will be sustainable for years to come.
These days you understand the importance of having a Great Fixed Operations department to generate financial stability to your dealership.  In 2008, you focused on Fixed Operations and it helped you through that financial storm.  Well, everyone’s improved and the competition for customers is greater than ever.  Did you know that your competition, the aftermarket sector is now hiring dealership consultants to help them gain back the business that they’ve lost?  Our clients want to be on top and expect results.  And that’s what we do best; provide solutions that have proven results.  Explore Your Potential Today!


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