Benefits of Using Our Services

Criss Consulting has your interests at heart, which means that we care about you and your staff.   Unlike other training companies, we assess your current condition, and make suggestions that you can tailor to your area.  We’re Flexible.  We strive to never hear the words, “That won’t work here.”  Understanding and respecting your culture and your history is important to us.  We are not here to invade your property and install cookie-cutter programs.  We take time to learn your needs, and review your culture prior to offering solutions.  Not all solutions work at all locations.  That’s the Criss Difference.  Great customer service comes in many variations, and we’ll help you select the culture and training that is the best for you and your team members.  Our culture is to roll up our sleeves and help make change alongside your team members.  We believe in modeling what we teach and expect.  You’ll see the difference in our personal approach immediately when you work with us.

  • Our Difference is that We’re Flexible.
  • Our Difference is that We’re Affordable.
  • Our Difference is that We’re Not Just a Training Company, but a Turnkey Solution to your Fixed Operations improvement.
  • Our Difference is that we Assess your Current Condition and only make changes in areas that need enhancing….saving you time and money.
  •  Our Difference is Experience.  You will not receive ex-service managers who have been trained for a week with an outline of what to do.
  • Our Difference is No Contracts.  We earn our next visit by providing you with processes that will show high return on investment.


“A large part of custom-tailoring a program that suits you is determining your needs and establishing an affordable budget for completion.”  Each project varies in time, resources, and intensity.  Let’s begin the process of finding out more about your business today.


We don’t believe in contracts.  We earn your loyalty visit by visit.  We want you to choose to move forward because you are inspired, not because you’ve signed a contract.  And, if we feel that your team is not adhering to the changes, we want to be able to terminate also.  We don’t want you paying for services in the rare event that your team is not buying-in.   We always have your better interest at heart.


We service all size auto facilities throughout the US and Canada.

“NO Risk Introduction”

 You want progress.  We have the way.  We offer a Free Initial Exploration.  During this exploration, we will review the financials for your fixed operations and ask many questions about your culture.  A plan will be built based from this interview, and we can begin building some packages that will fit your timelines and budget.  We are FLEXIBLE.  This means that you aren’t receiving a cookie-cutter program.