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bannerWe are your automotive training and consulting partner for Fixed Operations and all of your Sales departments.  We offer a wide range of services including: Service Advisor Training, Body Shop Profit Improvement Program, Quick Oil Change Center Profit Solutions, Service Appointment Call Centers, Automotive Pay Plans that Motivate, Complete Fixed Operations Analysis, Leadership Training and Succession Management Assistance.

Through our Management Performance Group, we are able to take your fixed operations performance to the next level. Utilizing either on-site or online conferences, we are able to bring out the best in your management team whether it’s tackling hiring technicians, competitive pricing surveys, or a miriad of other solutions. the next level is just around the corner. Your managers learn from participation and gain a clear perspective of their management plan. We assist in advising and moderating the group for best results using pre-planned agendas and performance reporting.

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Service Advisor Process Training is key to Customer Retention. We know the challenges that your service advisors face daily, and the many opportunities that they miss. With each training session, we create a specialized program specific to your dealership’s culture.  We created the core of this process by observing and interviewing the best advisors in the US, then we carefully select which process will work best for you.  We realize that each dealership is different, and having cookie-cutter programs is not efficient from a teaching standpoint, or a budget standpoint.  Why have your advisors take the time to learn techniques that they (and you) know will never work?  That’s why we’re so successful.

Having a followed process can assure Customer Retention, Increase Technician Productivity, and higher net profit.  The old days of “high pressure” selling simply doesn’t work.  We teach your Advisors how to Educate the guest, and work as a liason to keep their vehicle in the most safe, most economical condition.  Using the most contemporary service advisor training techniques, we take your advisors to the next level by providing processes that work and word tracks that leave smiles on your customers’ faces and trust in their hearts. We offer a proven system that works and the Advisors see Results!

Body Shops CAN be a great profit center and a customer retention tool. Our program insures that you have the correct processes installed to increase your Profit and Customer Retention. We understand how to win. To win in this arena, you have to be focused on production and cost minimization. Our Body Shop Improvement Program will let you do both. And, with our proven techniques inAdvanced Production Systems, we can help you decrease your Cycle Time, and increase your Touch Time. This simply means that when you achieve both of these, more Insurance Companies will seek you out.

The Manufacturers’ have all seen the power of having providing quick oil change services for our customers/guests. We get it. Newton said it best when he said,”For every action, there is an equal, and opposite reaction.” With that said, here are some of the new challenges we face:

  • Multipoint Inspections not performed, or performed erroneously, creating a loss of sales, and increased dealership liability.
  • Dollar per repair order decreased with the lube center inception.
  • Labor Cost doubles or triples or even, quadruples.
  • Customers are not informed of factory recommended maintenance.
  • Red, Yellow, and Green measurements are not accurate, and methods taught to wannabe technicians is simply not accurate.
  • Experts would argue whether Red/Yellow/Green is an accurate measure if you were to have to represent yourself legally.
  • With turn-over in personnel, there is not a re-training program in place to assure customer quality.

The Concept of Call Centers for Service and/or integrating Service Appointments into your current Sales Business Development Center has been adopted by many of the larger dealer groups. And, we were there along side them in the development. We can install these processes and give your staff a professional polish with time-tested word tracks that ensure customer retention. And, we will show you how to control your appointment arrival times to maximize your customer retention and profitability. We train our call centers to perform outgoing call campaigns to drive business into your Service Department.

Benefits of a Call Center:

  • Incoming phone calls are handled promptly and professionally. It is the appointment coordinator’s job to focus on getting the information. It allows the Service Advisors to spend time one on one with our customers without phone interruption.
  • We book more appointments which means higher profitability, and we book those times that Advisors will leave open for “weekend” cleanup.   We can show you how much money you are losing because of this.
  • We get an 85% email address penetration for e marketing campaigns.
  • Customers are not informed of factory recommended maintenance.
  • Customers receive a reminder call prior to the appointment, and “Cancel” rates are tracked.
  • Outgoing calls can remind customers of “Needed” scheduled maintenance and when properly installed, can work directly with the parts department to schedule appointments for special order parts.

This is one of our most popular services!

At your automotive dealership, do your employees seem “settled” with the job they are doing, and yet, you are no where close to your vision? Maybe your sales, gross profit, and net profit seem “static”. Aligning pay plans with the vision is critical to achieving your goals. We develop and install pay plans that keep the employees happy, and direct them towards your goal. We work with our clients to develop the best solution creating a Win-Win situation.

Our Complete Fixed Operations Analysis will open doors of improvement for you. We create a Blueprint to follow that will assure your success.   We will show you ways to optimize your potential.

  • Service Advisor Selling and Presentation skills
  • Technician Staffing Opportunities
  • Financial Statement Fixed Operations Analysis
  • Your Pricing Vs. Your Competition
  • Marketing Methodologies
  • First impressions
  • RO Analysis
  • Sales tools
  • Shop productivity roadblocks
  • Parts Productivity Improvement
  • Internal processes and procedures

Following this one-day visit, you will receive a written report that will enumerate the areas that need the most attention. This road map will outline the necessary changes that will dramatically boost your profits and customer retention.

This report will identify your opportunities, and help map a solution path so that your return on investment is extreme.

We now offer John Maxwell’s Leadership Training.  John was voted the Best Leadership Training Organization in the World in 2016.  Let’s get your management team to create the right culture.  Your management team will begin a process of improvement that your team will proud of.  John was rated the #1 Coach in the World in 2016.

Having been a great follower of John’s for many years using many of his techniques learned from his books, it was a great opportunity for us to Partner with the John Maxwell Leadership Team.  Now we can facilitate your whole dealership to create a culture and branding of integrity and added value.

Mastermind Classes will also begin by webinars.  If you’re interested in that because of your location, send me an email at crissconsulting1@gmail.com. We’re creating a group that’s right for you right now.

Criss Consulting is so proud to offer this incredible training at your location in the US, in Cranberry Township PA, and through On-Line Seminars.

Receive the Best In LEADERSHIP training.  We can work with all of your personnel in this area, not just fixed operations. And, we can incorporate this training into monthly meetings that you may be having with your staff, or one-on-one training. When you have all leaders working in cooperation and clearly knowing what the goals are, you will have incredible success. Let us show you how!

Mastermind Programs are Starting NOW!   Don’t Wait.  Click this Link to get Started.

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During the past years with so many retirements, many of our clients have requested that we work with their sons and daughters on Fixed Operations. We have to agree that it’s a completely different skill set than managing variable.

First, they wanted to provide them with “how” to manage Fixed Operations. While attending a course for a week may give them some of the basics, now they have to come back and apply it to their facility and culture. We give them the right information and systems for your specific dealership or dealerships. We recognize that cultures are different and one size does not fit all.

Secondly, they want to be assured that they are leaving them with a great model to keep maintained. They want it to be a profitable and Customer-Centric model that will withstand the test of time.

We’re experts at helping you with this task, and will assure your legacy.

Based on the 20 Group Learning concept, we work with your team facilitating monthly meetings to increase performance of your team.  We add components such as timelines, accountability, and help the managers map out their road to success.  Without these types of meetings, departments may have little or some movement forward.  We are interested in taking your team to their true potential, and passing any of your expectations.”  We review last month’s financial data, ask for any other data needed, and perform the meeting with your staff.  For best results, we perform these meetings in person, or if you’re on a tight budget in the beginning, we will perform these meeting virtually.”  One of our clients said, “I wanted more from my service department, but didn’t know how to guide them to get more.  With your service, our communication increased and you helped remove roadblocks that made our growth difficult.